The First Campsite – Periwinkle Park, Sanibal Island, Florida

First Campsite - Periwinkle Park, Sanibel Island, W Florida

First Campsite – Periwinkle Park, Sanibel Island, W Florida

Once I had bought my bike and spent far too long trying to work out what I needed to bring with me (will the kitchen sink fit?), I thought I’d better get my skates on and go somewhere at least, as over 3 weeks had already passed. So, off to the West Florida coast it was, and a place called Sanibel Island that was supposed to be nice. And it was!  However, I still had FAR too much stuff, particularly when a good friend visited and hopped on the back for a few days.  This was, in fact, part of the very reason I had opted for a larger bike of 800cc instead of my original preference for a smaller, lighter 650 such as a KLR – so I could entertain the occasional pillion.  So, I decided to be ruthless and remove many ‘nice-to-have’ items, keeping only the bare essentials I thought I would need (much easier said than done!).


A 40 Candle Fire Hazard

Periwinkle Park on Sanibal Island is a nice little campsite, and could be called quiet if not for an on-site avery of beautiful tropical birds.  I spent half the time trying to widen the vocabulary of the African Grey Parrots, although I’m not sure any qualified Avian Language Teacher would have approved of my choice of words.  The campsite is just 10 minutes walk from the (shell collectors paradise) beach, and over half the island is covered by protected wildlife refuges.

It brought a tear to my eye to say goodbye to my 30’s and ‘celebrate’ my 40th birthday on the Island, particularly when the sight of 40 candles temporarily blinded me.  However, it was a nice touch by my thoughtful (if not empathetic) aide.  I wonder how old I’ll be when this little journey of mine concludes?…

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