Florida Sights

From Sep to Nov I cruised around East & West Florida thoroughly enjoying the beautiful beaches, sunsets & great food (with the odd drink), and could have easily spent more time, but I was anxious that time was passing quickly and I felt I needed to start the trek across to California before I retired and stayed there forever…


Siesta Beach, Sarasota – the best beach in the US! Beautiful sand, crystal clear water, great weather and margaritas!


Life is good when you have nothing to do but sup oysters & beer at sunset (well, good company helps as well)


Sunset cycle along the banks of Crescent Laka, Bunnell


Sunset Canoe – Crescent Lake, Bunnell

Charlie on bike

I might be imagining things, but I’m sure this healthy Floridian lifestyle is making me look younger by the day… And after discarding some useless items such as food & water I managed to make room for the beer


Sandy Bottoms – Amelia Island


Breakfast, lunch and dinner… the Lazy Biker’s Diet

When Mr McDonald introduced free wifi across all USA branches, he made a very shrewd move to monopolise the diets of all week-willed travelers & bikers such as myself.  I often think my daily (or sometimes twice daily) visits may be slightly excessive and not very good for my internals, but what the hell!

A few days after leaving Periwinkle Campsite I discovered an ant colony had made its new home under my seat, which turned out rather inconvenient for all of us.  It certainly brought a literal meaning to the phrase ‘ants in your pants’, and I still occasionally find the odd one hiding in there even now.  I’m sorry to say I had to violently evict them all in the end (fair warning was given but went unheeded) which likely saved my electrics from a fate worse than death.

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