Meetings in McDonalds

18 Nov 12

The Tiger really does draw attention wherever she goes (or is it just me?). I am no longer surprised when a complete stranger wonders up to me and starts chatting about a range of topics from world travel, his bike, my bike, someone elses bike, or no bike at all.  As an example, stopping for my usual healthy McDonalds late breakfast one fine morning, I got chatting to a lovely old boy who delighted me with his stories of travel back in 1968. With a deferred entry to the US Army, he jumped on a ‘steamer’ and sailed to Southampton, UK. Over the next few months he hitch-hiked around the UK (the good old days when hitchhiking was the ‘norm’) up to Scotland before hopping on over to Europe. He ended up buying a Vesper which he rode all the way to Iran (yes, Iran). And he had told his girlfriend he was only popping out for a pint of milk! (not really).


Fuel for the bike; McDonald’s for me. Seems to be a rather accepting agreement for both of us

I doubt many Americans are doing the same thing today as this fine, adventurous gentleman did back in ‘68. Funny thing is (although anyone that has ever met anyone from Iran will agree), he concurred with my thoughts that Iranians were among the nicest people he had ever met. So, get out there and travel everyone! I remember meeting a lovely man from Iran in Istanbul (when I was on a diving exchange with the Turkish Navy), and every day I had to refuse his kind offer of free coffee three times before I eventually gave in and sat down for a chat with him. And I don’t even like coffee. What a shame our Politicians create these unnecessary political divides amongst fellow man & woman, which end up governing our lives and restricting the very freedom they propose to create.

Ever wondered what happened to all those geeky nerds at school that were still reeling off mouthfuls of long words that nobody understood (or cared about) long after everyone else had mentally surrendered the will to live during the class debate, and who were subsequently relentlessly bullied by the school bully at every opportunity? Well, they all became Politicians, and now they’re getting their own back! Well, OK – I’m sure they didn’t all become Politicians, and I apologise to any real Politicians who are reading this for a spot of light entertainment (in between debates) not expecting to be lambasted in this manner, but I know at least one that did.

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