Tips for Lone Motorcyclists

1 Dec 2012

Tips for Lone Motorcyclists:

1. Do not park your motorcycle anywhere near the edge of a cliff thinking ‘what a great photo it will make’, because the ground may be uneven, the skid plate may hit an unusually high kurb, the bike may fall sideways, and you might get thrown over the beautiful cliff trying to save your bike.  Then you might fall 25 feet (7.6m) onto the rocks below and fracture 9 ribs, 3 lower back vertebrae, break your right hand (twice) and dislocate or break several fingers.  If you’re really unlucky, one of your lungs may partially deflate due to the blunt trauma, and a pneumothorax is not a great companion at the best of times.

DOH !!!

DOH !!!

If you are even more stupid enough to do this on the road to Bald River Falls, TN, off season (in the middle of nowhere), it might take over 1 hour for a car to pass by and notice your bike laying at the top of the cliff (undamaged), and the crumpled heap you have made at the bottom emitting a strange gurgling sound.  The good news is from there it’s only another 3 hours to the nearest hospital over bumpy mountain roads to RV with the air ambulance.

Well, at least after 4 days in hospital I can now laugh at myself (almost without crying), but it is certainly not an experience that should be repeated by anybody.  I would like to thank my Fairy Godmother for catching me (once again) at the bottom, and the guy who’s looking after my bike for me… (thanks Robert!)
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