Knoxville, TN

1-13 Dec 2012 – 2 weeks (unplanned) in Knoxville


Christmas Tree in the Wintery Wonderland that is Knoxville

Anyone who’s ever been to Knoxville, TN, will probably either have friends, relatives or work there, because there’s not much else to entice the casual tourist.  Unless he accidentally falls down a cliff, breaks various parts of his body, and ends up getting med-evac’d there in a helicopter from 60 miles away.  Like myself, for example.  However, after 2 weeks spent going back and forth to the hospital to see if my lung had decided to fully re-inflate, Knoxville and myself became the best of friends, and we still occasionally write to each other now; although I would need a very good reason to go back within the next 200 years, despite how nice their Market Square Christmas Tree looked.

14 Dec – The University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville

Chris (fresh from X-Ray):  “Morning Doctor.  So, has my lung decided to fully re-inflate yet so I can perhaps fly home to the UK for Christmas dinner?”

Doctor:  “No.  And remember you can’t fly for 2 weeks once it has fully re-inflated”

Chris:  “Bugger!”

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