17 Dec – Walking in Memphis ‘Music City’


Bring on the Blues! Downtown Beale Street

As I was walking in Memphis, walking with my broken ribs 10 feet off of Beale, I didn’t see the ghost of Elvis; instead I saw the man himself serving 3 dollar pints in ‘The Flying Saucer’.  And he knows his beer too.

Beale Street is on a smaller scale to Nashville’s Broadway, but equally as fun, substituting C&W for Blues, which suits my personal taste much better.  Everybody was friendly, even the beggars hustling outside the bars, and for a moment I joined them when someone offered me a dollar as I procrastinated outside one bar in my ripped biker’s jeans, old beanie, a few days’ growth and my right hand bandaged up in dirty bandages looking like a Confederate prisoner of war (I really should get them replaced).



Before Elvis there was nothing… (J Lennon).  And he was right.

A trip to Memphis would not be complete without paying my respects to ‘The King’ at Graceland.  Now in the middle of a hullabaloo of tourist coaches, Elvis motels, gift shops and fast food outlets, Graceland still stands majestically up on Elvis Hill in relative peace and harmony.


Having previously heard stories of untasteful, garish décor, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to tour an incredibly well kept, beautiful and nostalgic Graceland, and I could almost see ‘The King’ sitting down at the kitchen table with a cup of PG Tips (or American equivalent) after a hard day’s night (yes, I know that’s The Beatles).  Much smaller than I imagined, Graceland is still an amazing home and well worth a trip to visit.


Elvis’ Lounge & Xmas Tree


Elvis liked watching 3 TV shows at once!


Elvis’ Pink Cadillac (a gift to his mum Gladys)


Thank you very much! A-ha

IMG_5005I also recommend the Sun Studio tour, where Elvis first walked in, in 1953, and later cut his first hit record ‘That’s Alright Mama’.  To think he was weeks away from giving up his Rock’n’Roll dreams and becoming an electrician.  Good job my electrician didn’t do the same or I’d have never got my fuse box fixed.


Went for my first (gentle) jog since the accident – bouncing around with mending ribs may or may not be good for them (I’ll have to check).  In any case, I have a lot of work to do!

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