New Year’s Eve 2012/13 – Forth Worth, Texas

Unlike Christmas, I did not relish the thought of celebrating NYE 2013 alone, no matter how much I like my own company.  I also had a repaired lung to celebrate.  Yes, finally on 28 Dec the doctor told me my lung had reattached itself to my chest and I would be free to fly in 2 weeks.  So, into my trusty Nissan Altima I jumped and sped off to Dallas, Texas, where I had an appointment with 2 good friends I’d met in Thailand (men, not Ladyboys) and a bottle of vodka.

NYE, Dallas

Yuck – tequila! It obviously makes you think looking like a peacock is cool.

The sights of Fort Worth were mine to behold, although most of them were inside various bars drinking champagne and tequila, which suited me just fine.  And a jolly good time was had by all (thanks Marcus and Jason!).  However, I am never drinking tequila again.  Or champagne.

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