Rejoining the Tiger! Feb 2013

Once my right hand had recovered suitably to pull a front brake lever, one question that I had to address was ‘how was I going to get back to my bike?’  The nearest airport was Knoxville but the Tiger was 1 hour south in Tellico Plains – with no train, bus or car rental in sight.  Unlike mother Blighty, the US has not yet invented useful public transport, and the only options available to me were walk or hitch-hike.


With nothing to lose, I placed a message on the ‘Horizons Unlimited’ forum (website for traveling motorcyclists) and, to my amazement, a few hours later I had 2 very generous replies from good Samaritans offering to collect me from the airport and drive me down to my bike (thanks so much Gabe and Russ!).


As Gabe lived closet to Knoxville (I didn’t want to put anyone out too much), I accepted his kind offer, which also included dinner, a bed for the night and breakfast.  I’d heard of this ‘Southern Hospitality’ thing, but I wasn’t expecting quite that much!  As expected, Gabe was a top bloke and he has a house in the UK to stay should he ever decide to visit when I’m there.


My Friendly Neighbourhood Good Samaritan, Gabe after giving me a lift to Tellico Plains


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