Trans-America Trail (Tennessee Section)

I must admit I was a little timid when I first sat on the Tiger again, fully loaded with panniers, dry bag and duffle full of ‘essentials’.  She felt big and heavy, and I felt I didn’t fancy falling down anymore cliffs.  Luckily, I soon shook off those pansy feelings before anyone noticed and sped off down the road to start the off-road Trans-America Trail – YEEEE HAWWW!!!


Fully loaded and ready to Rock’n’Roll! (I hope!)

However, I could have chosen a better time of year for this (as kindly pointed out by several other ‘Horizons Unlimited‘ users), as copious amounts of rain made it 1) Cold. 2) Wet. 3) Very difficult to cross the overflowing rivers covering the many fords along the route.  But in fact, these challenges were just what I needed to regain my confidence, and I completed the 400 mile Tennessee section without falling off at all, which my ribs were very pleased about.  And of course, the scenery was fantastic!


Some muddy sections made it interesting!


Some of the river crossings were a little tricky…

After covering 200 miles in 8 hours the first day (5 hours of which was in heavy rain), I pulled into Lynchburg, home of Tennessee’s finest sippin’ whiskey, Jack Daniels.  And boy, did I need a sip!  Well actually, I needed several sips to dry my bones (due to my leaking trousers), but the distillery had just closed.  DOH!

Worse than this, the weird local inhabitants of Moore County had also decided to make the county ‘dry’, which meant I had bugger all chance of drying wet bones.  No wonder dem’ folks make moonshine!  Good job I had my trusty hip flask…


Some of the rivers had flooded into lakes, which started to grow a bit thin after getting my feet soaked once…


Oh good! Another river crossing! There were probably about a dozen in total


The stock Battlewing tires (air down) handled the dirt surprisingly well (to my delight!), although my heavy load did not help in some tight spots


Finished ! (well, almost)

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