New Orleans – Louisiana

I was looking forward to my visit to New Orleans, but I had no idea I would love it so much.  Crossing from Mississippi into the coastal marshlands of Louisiana you can almost taste the Cajun spices and hear the foot-tapping wash-board backed accordion music drifting through the air.  And did I love the music!  Not many places where you can wonder down the high street and hear EVERY type of music from Cajun, Brass Band, Big Band, Bluegrass to Rock.  The only thing I didn’t see or hear was Elvis, but I guess he’s busy enough up in Memphis.

Now this could have been fate being kind to my liver, or it may have just been very unlucky, but my inability to plan anything more than 1 day ahead meant I had missed Mardis Gras by 2 days!!!  I was pretty gutted, but then decided to make my own Mardis Gras, ultimately meaning fate wasn’t kind to my liver after all.


Outside my amazing host’s Cajun mansion

My superb guide for the weekend was Gail, a learned local whom, in another twist of serendipitous fate, I was put into contact with by Alison who worked with her sister.  In a quirk of synchronicity, Gail also became my first introduction into the fascinating world of Energy Psychology.  However, neither fate nor synchronicity did much for my pending hangovers.


The wonderful but ‘once is enough’ Bourbon Street


Beautiful greenery in the French Quarter


Cajun Market Downtown


Yum! All my favourite kinds of food


Except for this one!


Beautiful antebellum architecture

It’s so nice to walk through another city with soul & character, rather than the usual USA cities constructed of drab slab sided buildings and malls.  After lining my stomach with the quintessential shrimp gumbo, étouffée and jambalaya, I filled it with copies amounts of beer, wine and cocktails under the trusty guidance of Gail who chauffeured me around all the best sights in town (well, OK, she let me do Bourbon Street on my own!) ending with a great dinner at Arnauld’s and catching Jeremy Davenport’s show at the Ritz; amazing!


Dinner with Gail at Arnauld’s

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2 thoughts on “New Orleans – Louisiana

  1. Gail Gillespie

    Might I add that Mr. Bowen was a most eloquent and considerate and festive guest who jumped to the soulful soup of New Orleans head-first, hands-in-the-air, and eyes wide open! Twas an honor to be your pied piper on your first-time visit to the lavishes of my exquisite city! The ingestion of etheric conversation, succulent cuisine, and overflowing libations was fulfilling to my soul. Your travels have sparked a fire of desire whose embers have been smouldering for way too long! Thank you.

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