Camping on Grand Isle

After a weekend on the sauce I felt I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, noise and alcohol, and admit myself into a rehab programme.  However, instead I admitted myself into Grand Isle State Park and threw up the tent for the first time since Florida.  I also felt I had to justify carting around one full pannier and one dry bag full of camping equipment.


Setting up…


Finished! Right – let’s go and explore! 🙂

I hate being overloaded, such as I am, and could reduce my load by half if I got rid of all my camping stuff and instead stayed in motels/hotels/hostels.  However, nothing beats the feeling of camping in the wilderness, under the stars, frying some bacon and boiling up a nice cup of tea; even if it does mean I’ll wake up with a sore back!  (Yes, I’m getting old…)  I would prefer a caravan, but these are quite difficult to tow on a motorcycle.

Grand Isle is a very peaceful, relaxing place with not too many people around (not in February anyway).  The beach is wide, sandy and flat, and although not beautiful, there are some nice nature walks through the reserve.  The sea is not quite your typical Hawaiian paradise being shallow and silty, but is what you’d expect being in the Mississippi delta.


View from the dunes


Grand Isle Beach, LA


Good for cruising!


Lots of stilted beach houses


OK, time to hit the road! 🙂

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