Sedona, Arizona

After a day in the sprawling mass that is Phoenix getting my new tyres fitted (they didn’t have them in Tucson) I set course for Sedona, which is only a couple of hours to the North.  One place I can recommend in Phoenix, if you ever go there, is Scottsdale – lots of nice outside bars & restaurants by the water.


Arriving at my AirB&B accommodation, Sedona – lucked out again!

I’d heard much about the beautiful red sandstone formations at Sedona, and the mysterious properties the purported spiritual vortexes extrude (at Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock & Boynton Canyon).  Because of this a New Age tourist industry has sprung up, enticing spiritual, cool, hippy and sometimes strange people from all over the world.  I may have been placed in the ‘strange’ category when people saw me sprint up several hiking trails in one day in an attempt to get some great photos to do the place justice.  Alas, unfortunately it was overcast all day and the lighting terrible for pictures (although I did my best!).


Climbing Cathedral Rock (feeling no vortexes yet…)

The first day I scaled Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa and the ‘Devil’s Bridge’, and also visited Bell Rock and Boynton Canyon, and each offered incredible views.


Amazing view from top of Cathedral Rock (shame about the overcast weather)


On way back down from Cathedral Rock – some bits required bum surfing!

The area also offers some nice off-road tracks, such as along Boynton Canyon – great for testing out my new tyres (they’re great!)


The new Heidenau K60 tyres performing well in Boynton Canyon

However, I am sad to say I did not feel any of the energy from these vortexes.  One theory suggests the measured increase in electromagnetic activity in Sedona can be more easily detected by women (rather than men) because of the higher concentrations of magnetite in their inner ear fluid (the reason geese know how to fly North in the spring).  I knew I should have worn my prom dress and high heels!  (and how do male geese know?)

IMG_5866 - Copy (2)

Devil’s Bridge – Amazing!


One of many fantastic hiking trails all around Sedona

I had the good fortune to have yet another hospitable and interesting ‘AirB&B’ host during my 2 day stay.  Sandra had been a PAN AM flight attendant for 32 years and lived & traveled all over the world.  She has a beautiful, quiet house in the centre of Sedona directly across from an easy trail leading up to some great views, which she kindly took me up.  She was also my introduction to Biophoton Light Therapy, which theory I found fascinating, like most ‘new age’ therapies, and will continue to study.


My AirB&B host Sandra’s gorgeous balcony – how lucky!


The top of the trail behind my AirB&B host Sandra’s lovely house


And the lovely Sandra!

On my first night I wondered down to the local bar for dinner and a drink (or two), as I usually do, and perched next to me at the bar I heard a familiar accent; “eh up duck, I’ll ‘ave a pint o bitter please”.  Of course, it was Ian from Sheffield (UK) with his unmistakable Yorkshire accent.  After chatting for a while, he and his wife kindly invited me to join them at their table for dinner, so I did.  Turns out Ian has one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever come across; he covers the servicing & maintenance of British built Double Decker all over North America.  It was nice to hear British industry doing so well abroad, and I didn’t know his company (Alexander Dennis) builds Double Decker buses for many American cities such as Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Toronto, Ottawa and Victoria.

The morning of my last day in Sedona the sun decided to come out and totally transformed the wonderful colours.  What else could I do but rush around again on the Tiger taking as many photos as I could before the looming clouds closed in.


The road to Cathedral Rock (in sunshine!)


Cathedral Rock


Climbing Cathedral Rock (again!)

IMG_5941 - Copy

Half way back down Cathedral Rock


Bell Rock (left)


The ride North to Flagstaff was equally as spectular as anything seen before


San Francisco Peaks – the remains of an ancient Stratovolcano once reaching 15,000 feet above the Colorado Plateau


San Francisco Peaks – The highest summit is Humphreys Peak at 12,633 feet (3,851 m)


As I approached the Grand Canyon’s South Rim 7,000 feet high on the Colorado Plateau, it got pretty cold! The views from the climb were spectacular though

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2 thoughts on “Sedona, Arizona

  1. Gail Gillespie

    (I hate you….. ; ). Such beautiful photos, once again! You’ve got quite the eye, Chris! And no vortices for you?! You’ll have to do more tapping and clear your energy fields….. ; )

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