Pacific Coast Highway

With the LA coast forecast to be poor visibility again (due to our friend The Marine Layer), this time I rode north up a very windy Interstate 5 and cut across into the mountains to the West along Frazier Mountain Park Road.  The weather was gorgeous and the bike was calving up the corners like there was no tomorrow.  There were also plenty of opportunities for off-road excursions…


This is what I’m talking about! – Hot, sunny and an open track!


Plenty of opportunity for exploring and off-road excursions

The scenery changed drastically when I entered the oil towns of Maricopa and Taft, when beautiful mountains & twisty valleys were replaced by thousands of individual ‘nodding donkeys’ extracting what’s left of the oil.  The weather was so nice I decided to have another look at the coast, and so turned West onto route 58 of which a section just happened to be one of the twistiest and best motorcycle roads I have ever encountered – fun fun fun!


The Tiger has been eating corners like a real tiger, and the Californian highways are some of the best

Reaching the coast at Morro Bay I was very happy to see the weather at the coast was also now hot & sunny with breathtaking clear visibility.  And so I started my long awaited memorable ride up Highway 1 with the Pacific Ocean on my left and Lady Luck on my right.

Anyway, I’ve been told I ramble on too much and you just want to see some photographs, so here you go:


Beautiful, huge Morro Bay


For all you animal lovers, I almost sacrificed myself to another cliff in order to save this poor, innocent squirrel…


… and then he started telling me his life story, and about how there’s a nut shortage in the Morro Bay area. I told him I knew a few nuts, but they were still in Norwich


Once you’ve riden the Pacific Coast Highway, you will never forget it


Another photo for all the animal lovers – the Elephant Seal colony at Piedras Blancas



Must be a tough life, being an Elephant Seal; almost worth putting up with a huge conk and the occasional nibble from a Great White Shark



Lunch stop – spoilt for choice really!


This is where I want to build my house…

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