Napa Valley

Waking up at 8am the next morning I was pleasantly surprised to find only one of the other 3 beds in my dorm had been taken, and in the resulting reduced risk of insomnia I had won the jackpot with an unbroken night’s sleep. Yippee! Perhaps hostels weren’t so bad after all….

My ‘roomie’ was a German student, but despite that he was OK (ha ha) and even laughed at one of my jokes; although he could have been pretending as normally no one laughs at them. After a romantic breakfast together of cereal and eggs we said our farewells and I handed him over my umbrella, which I’m sure he was pleased about because it was p*sisng it down all day.

Of course it’s not very pleasant riding a motorcycle in the rain, particularly when your waterproof trousers aren’t very waterproof, and it wasn’t long before I pulled into the nearest café (which happened to be a Chinese restaurant) to dry off. I changed plan again and decided to head inland to Napa Valley in the hope the rain wouldn’t be so heavy there. Luckily I was right, and as soon as I crossed the mountains the rain stopped, the sun came out and I installed myself into a local motel ready for an intensive evening of wine tasting.


Welcome sunshine in Napa Valley


Wine anyone?


As far as the eye can see…

As it turned out, I ended up on an intensive evening beer tasting instead at the only brewery in Napa. It was that intensive I’ve forgotten its name, but the barman is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and the only one that ploughed me (and fellow Swedish bar-drinker) with free beers, whilst also helping himself to copious amounts (that could have had something to do with his highly generous demeanor).

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