Pacific Highway #2

I imagined my time spent travelling would be a leisurely, relaxing time, where I had all the time in the world to explore strange, new lands, lollygag at will and write detailed accounts of it all daily in a blog. However, in reality, I have found myself busy packing, unpacking, loading the motorbike, unloading the motorbike, putting up the tent, taking down the tent, finding places to sleep, finding places to eat, maintaining & servicing the motorbike, trying to work out routes, exciting places to go, things I can’t miss, and then, of course all the actual riding & visiting part. It really is a hard life! Yes, I bet you all feel really sorry for me… And on the odd occasion I do have some time on my hands after a long, hard ride, rather than sit and update my blog, I usually seek out the nearest local pub for a relaxing drink and dinner, and more often than not some ‘inside information’ from the usually hospitable locals. After all, travelling is just as much about the people you meet than the scenery. So you can see why I have very easily become several weeks behind in this blog! So I have decided to make this miserable rainy day a catch up day…

The next day the sun was back out in glorious form, so I headed back to the coast to ride further north up the Pacific Highway in company with the monster hangover that the night before had been a highly amusing, amiable companion – darn you shape-shifting doppelganger!


Beautiful Bolinas Bay


Stinson Beach – beautiful beach and inviting water; but beware…. Great White Sharks are often seen swimming into the shallows….

I took my time as the weather and views were spectacular – probably the best stretch of highway since Big Sur south of San Francisco. The weather was so good I thought it was time to break open the tent again and justify me carting it all over the World. When I hit Bodega Bay, and I couldn’t resist stopping early and throwing the tent up on the beautiful natural spit, which also happens to be directly over the San Andreas Fault.

I was starving and rather than mess around with my dirty multi-fuel burner, I built a fire and plonked on a whole tray of chicken drumsticks, which were the only meat left in the local shop. They did the trick though and tasted delicious! (must had been the chef!)


A well-balanced, single man’s meal 🙂


Camping in Bodega Bay, Doran Beach

I was lucky to find the next day also bathed in beautiful sunshine, so I had another great day riding further north along the heavenly twisty coastal roads up to Salt Point State Park, stopping on plenty of occasions to admire the beautiful, rocky coastline.


The wild, rocky Pacific Coast – strangely and thankfully underpopulated


Bodega Bay


All I need is the open road, wind in my hair, and a new back


I love American Parks that let you camp directly on the beach! Unfortunately, my back needed a decent bed for the night, and I had no food, and I was starving again

As so often happens when one’s enjoying themselves, the day whizzed by and soon the sun was getting low and it was time to think about heading inland to my next destination – Yosemite National Park. I was going to be sad to leave this beautiful coastline and amazing biking roads, but also excited to see Yosemite after hearing so much about it. However, before I did that I needed a beer and a proper bed for the night. I don’t know if it’s an ‘age thing’, but after 1 night camping my back feels like it’s been run several times over by a passing herd of rhinoceros… and I didn’t even know you got them on the Californian coast.


Time for a decent bed, dinner and a pint. The best thing about traveling off-season is there’s plenty of cheap, available accomodation everywhere


That’s better!

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