San Diego

Anyone that’s ever been to San Diego will know it’s a beautiful, relaxed city which always seems to be bathed in sunshine.  Home of the beach bum, surfer and new-craze paddle-boarder, it would have been very easy to remain there for several more weeks.  Seeing as I’d come to the end of my North American chapter, I thought I’d ‘splash out’ a bit and booked a lovely room in Bahia Beach Resort, complete with pool, hot tub and iced margaritas – lovely!


Almost Paradise…

It’s always good to have locals show you around a new place and I was lucky to have friends in San Diego that happened to live on a luxury yacht berthed in the centre of town.  A quick visit in the morning to look around the 50m super-yacht turned into a liquid lunch, then liquid dinner, and then me waking up onboard the yacht in one of the guest cabins with a monster hangover, surprise, surprise.


I could have quite easily spent a long, long time here

Later back in my hotel I arranged to drop of my bike at the shippers in LA in a couple of days.  My Tiger was going to take 3 weeks to ship in a container from LA to Melbourne, and a week to clear customs, which gave me 1 month to top up my travel/beer funds selling my soul/body to the highest bidder, which happened to be my favourite company of all time in Sri Lanka (but there was some tough competition, as you can imagine…)

This left me only 2 days in San Diego, which I spent with my favourite Alaska Air Girl, Ms Jessica, who had happened to be re-posted to San Diego from Seattle.  However, after 2 days she was fed up with me and kicked me onto the plane and out of the country (ha ha!).


View of San Diego from Mount Soledad


Signature exotic ‘Dragon Tree’ from the Canary Islands – must be on holiday!


My Flaming Sambuca trick went a little wrong…


Then Jessie showed me her Flaming Pint trick, which beat the pants off mine

So, so long USA – It’s been emotional at times (at the bottom of cliffs), but I have LOVED every second!  And I dare say our paths will cross again, one of these sunny days…

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