Abel Tasman to Greymouth

Had I awoken earlier I could have described the outstanding natural beauty of Abel Tasman National Park in much more depth, but as it was, I didn’t. Instead I woke late and missed the boat into the park.  However, not all was lost because I parked the Tiger as close as I could get and ventured in on foot to get a sample.  And indeed, it is a beautiful, tranquil place, especially when the sun is shining, which it was.


Abel Tasman National Park – As close as you will ever get to Paradise in the ‘Western World’


Some lucky person’s house in Abel Tasman National Park


Why does everythink look so much better when the sun’s shining?

As the day was pushing on, I then started my long 4 hr ride to Greymouth on the West Coast which I thought would be a good place from which to explore the 2 famous Glaciers I was dying to see; Franz Josef and Fox.  There were plenty of great places to stop along the way, such as Marahau (lots of canoeing) & Kaiteriteri (lovely beaches), and the ride over to the west coast was abound with beautiful vistas and fun twisty mountain roads.


Beautiful views just south of Abel Tasman National Park


Little Kaiteriteri beach – the perfect, quiet get-away


Crossing to the West Coast

There are 31 million sheep in New Zealand (70 million a few years ago) and only 4.4 million people.  Goodness knows where they hide them all – all I could see were green fields…


Where are all the sheep?


One of my favourite parts of the day – lunch time! (along with breakfast and dinner). I’m such a pig…

I made the West Coast late afternoon at Westport and wasted no time turning south towards Greymouth to try and arrive before dark.  The sun was close to setting as I pulled off to look at Pancake Rocks and the blow hole at Punakaiki, and as I ran down the short trail to the coast the sun just waited for me to take this cool photo before she turned in for the night.


Sunset over Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki

IMG_6842 - pancake rocks

Pancake Rocks – Limestone bedding planes formed by immense pressure on alternating hard and soft layers of marine creatures and plant sediments when this area was covered by the sea millions of years ago



I was then left to ride the few miles to Greymouth in the dark, but stopped off to take some more cool photos along the beach in the twilight.


Punakaiki Beach


Punakaiki Beach

Once in Greymouth I was pleasantly surprised to find my accommodation to be a very cheap & comfortable caravan in someone’s back garden.  Even better, it was close to an Indian restaurant and a decent pub; what more could a man ask for?

Unfortunately the caravan was a tad too big to fit in my panniers.


Home sweet home!

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4 thoughts on “Abel Tasman to Greymouth

  1. Gail Gillespie

    Jaw Droppingly stunningly beautiful! Thank you for bringing the world to those of us who can’t venture out at the moment!!

  2. My pleasure young lady! Thanks for reading!

  3. Looks amazing I really hope I can do something like this one day on my tiger (when I get it.lol). Enjoy looks like a once in a lifetime trip an lovely pictures.

  4. Thanks Leslie! It really is. Good luck getting your Tiger – they are lovely bikes.

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