Queenstown to Milford Sound

This motel I’m staying in in Queenstown has knocked the socks off every other I’ve stayed in.  For a mere 59 NZD (35 quid) I have a warm, single room, comfortable bed, free wifi, a bar, restaurant, log fire, great views of Queenstown & Lake Wakatipu and free breakfast!  I found it hard to drag myself away at 10:00 after a big buffet breakfast, but I could hear Milford Sound calling me…


Leaving Queenstown alongside Lake Wakatipu


Quack quack! (or Lake Wakatipu)


Lake Wakatipu

Luckily the weather forecast turned out to be right, and the day was beautifully clear and sunny, with just a few clouds leisurely hanging around.  The ride from Queenstown to Milford Sound through Fjordland National Park was, as expected, serene and one of NZ’s best motorcycling roads.


Riding off into Fjordland National Park without me!


My Street! Te Anau, a nice small town on the way to Milford Sound

Taking my time and stopping for plenty of photos of mirror lakes and dramatic glacial cut valleys it took me a very enjoyable and very leisurely 4 hours.


Mirror Lakes, a nice stop-off on the way to Milford Sound


Heading up through the mountain pass


Everything looks so much better when the sun is shining (even me!) (although it’s hard to believe)


The road version 800 is growing on me – if only she was black!

When I arrived the view was almost as amazing as I had imagined, but because it lay west the sun was setting in my eyes.  I bet it will be amazing tomorrow morning and I’ve promised myself an early rise in order to catch it in her full glory.  However, I have just met a couple working at the lodge I’m camped at and been invited to a BBQ they’re having, which may place a small hurdle in my way.  They ride a Bandit 1200 and last year rode a Diversion 900 around South America, so I’ve bought a crate of beer to accompany the story telling that’s bound to ensue.


Milford Sound – on arrival with the sun setting in front of me. Mystical – I can’t wait to see her tomorrow morning…


Man – sometimes I take great shots!


The village pub where I picked up my crate of beer for tonight’s BBQ. I can think of worse places to be!

The weather is turning and it’s cold and damp in the woods where I’m camped.  Not surprisingly I’m the only tent, or indeed person, in there – nice!  At least the beer will warm me up.


The only tent in the camp. I wonder why everyone else is sleeping in the cabins??

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2 thoughts on “Queenstown to Milford Sound

  1. Gail Gillespie

    Breathtaking photos, as usual!!! (I continue to HAAAAATE you!!!!!! ; )

  2. Thanks Gail! (I think! 🙂 ) – I still miss the NOLA oysters though…

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