Comm back to Dili

The good news is I made it all the way back to Dili on my injured clutch; not only that, but it didn’t slip once.  I’ve sourced a couple of options for a new one, including a couple of kind offers from friends to post me one, but think I’m going to see if this one can last until the next (40,000km) service I plan to get done in Thailand.  One of the disadvantages of riding a Triumph around the World is their lack of authorised service centres around the world, although they are expanding, and Thailand is the closest.  Conveniently three of Triumph’s factories are in Chonburi (south of Bangkok), the other 2 being in Hinckley, UK.

On the way back to Dili I saw the same great views and grazing water buffalo as on the way, but didn’t get lost in Baucau this time.


Test riding the Tiger before the trip back to Dili


Comm Beach


Lots of Water Buffalo around here


And up close…


Road back to Dili

I made it back in good time and was at the Indonesian Embassy at 3pm to see if my Indonesian Visa was ready.  Ten minutes later I was extra happy because I had the visa in my hand and a motorbike that worked again – Indonesia here I come!!

Before I left I met Shirley’s partner Dave at ‘Timor Adventures’ and paid back the 50 USD Shirley had lent me to recover my bike at Jaco.  If you’re looking to tour East Timor either on a bike or in a car, they are certainly worth looking at.  Dave was also kind enough to buy me lunch with the money I’d given back to him – cheers Dave!

I spent the rest of the day resting (and catching up on this blog).  They say bad things happen in threes, and I just remembered the 3rd thing that went wrong in Jaco (apart from my clutch burning up and sleeping with bed bugs):  my mosquito spray leaked in my bag.  If there’s one thing you don’t want to leak in your bag, it’s a bottle of 100% DEET, as it melts all plastics it comes into contact with.  Hopefully that’s my run of bad luck complete for the foreseeable future (or forever would be better).

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