I crossed over into the Laos border from Cambodia in about an hour – no problems.  It was like a ghost-town; I was the only one there for the most part.


I headed up to Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), a group of pretty islands in the Mekong River and stopped off at Khone Falls, the largest in southeast Asia and the main reason that the Mekong is not fully navigable into China.



Floating into Laos over The Mighty Mekong


Good place to wash the bike!


The actual Cambodian/Loas border – Ghost Town…


The Khone Falls are the largest in southeast Asia and they are the main reason that the Mekong is not fully navigable into China


Catching a taxi to Don Det Island


Don Det is a definite ‘hippy island’ – a great place to relax in peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings


The island is tiny and it only took me a coupe of hours to ride around it. There are no roads – just tracks


Exploring Don Det


Back on the mainland I rode north to Pakse and was kindly invited into a family’s home for tea, complete with Laos Ladyboy


There’s only really one good, main road that runs north-south in Laos, and I took it up to Vang Vieng (via the capital Vientiane)


This looked a good idea at the time, but turned into a not-so-good idea when my panniers got stuck halfway. Luckily I just managed to squeeze through!


The ride up to Luang Prabang was foggy


Luang Prabang is one of the nicest cities I’ve been to


Luang Prabang – set on the calm banks of the Mekong River


The ride from Luang Prabang across the Thai border to Chiang Ria (via Chiang Khong) was a long, foggy and slippery one (10 hours)


There was a thin layer of mud along the road and it was like riding on ice


It was a relief to get back into Thailand and onto good roads again. I was lucky and the 4th Thai/Laos Friendship Bridge had just opened, and only took around 1 hour to clear customs. I think I must have been the first motorcycle across. I hammered it to Chiang Rai and made it for last orders

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