About Me

IMG_1140.JPGHi – My name is Bowen, Chris Bowen.  One day I woke up and decided to ride a motorbike around The World.  Only a few things stood in my way, such as no motorbike and no plan.  Whilst it was certain I needed a motorbike, I thought I best buy one.  The plan thing was more difficult; do you really need one of these?  I’m still trying to decide…

In order for my aimless galavanting not to be a complete waste of time, I thought I’d help raise money for WaterAid along the way.  If you’d like to sponsor me, I’ll buy you a pint:



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. kathy walter

    Hi it was good to hear you and Alison met up whilst you were there. Hope your trip is going well. Have a safe journey. Take care.
    Kathy Walter (Alisons sister) x

  2. Phill

    Very interesting Mr Bowen…..must fly out to meet you in Australia….!

  3. Glen Cochrane

    Mr Bowen I believe, Glen Cochrane’s my name, pleased to meet you, we have just started (4 months ago) riding an 800XC on a trip with no end date. Good to hear the Tiger is doing the job for you, I’ll register and follow you. Safe travels mate

    • Cheers Glen! The old girl’s doing a grand job so far, on the whole, even after I dropped her in a Mongolian river 2 days ago… Safe travels and beers on me if I bump into you 🙂

  4. Hey,
    Been following you for a year now and finally we leave in approx.9 Weeks! Really enjoying your blog

  5. Cheers Roosters! I hope the next few weeks go quickly for you 🙂

  6. Hi Chris
    Jeremy here, the Kiwi on the KTM 990 you bumped into at the Kazakh/Uzbek border. We’re in Tajikistan now waiting for a permit to go through Gorno Badakhshan, then it’s off on the Pamir Highway. I hope all’s going well for you and that swollen looking arm. Let us know how you get on with the Aktau-Baku ferry. I hope it’s easier going west than it was for us coming east!
    Cheers mate,
    Take it easy

    • Hi Jeremy! The ferry seems much smoother heading west, except for a long wait in Aktau port. I’m now in Sheki, Azerbaijan, at a bike festival 🙂 Arm much better now ta and I can hold my own pint 🙂 Good luck on The Pamir- it’s great!

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