Las Vegas Baby!

Fresh from the purity of the Grand Canyon, I could only go downhill (literally, from 7,000 feet), and if I was going downhill, I thought I might as well condemn my soul to the very depths of oblivion and spend a couple of days in Sin City – Vegas Baby!



Caesars Palace – only 3,960 rooms in six towers!

From the ashes of atomic bomb testing in the 1940’s, organized crime bosses helped build this city to be the self proclaimed ‘Entertainment Capital of The World’.  And with 122 casinos & thousands of clubs & bars offering gambling, shows, music, food & drink and ‘gentlemen’s entertainment’, it’s easy to see why.


The infamous ‘Strip’ – 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels live here

I have been to Vegas once before and I love it and hate it at the same time.  I love it when I win, and hate it when I lose – ha ha!  So because I’m rubbish at gambling, I usually end up hating it.


Easy to lose track of time, there are streets of shops & bars inside the casinos. At least you can get a drink when you want one.

Things I love about Vegas are:  free drinks while gambling, gambling (when I win), drive through Elvis theme wedding chapels, free drinks while gambling, fat Elvis impersonators, great shows and finally, free drinks while gambling.  Things I hate about Vegas are:  Gambling (when I lose), constant noise (traffic, slot machines, music, crap, more crap), ticket touts (ban them!) and never winning the Million $$$ jackpot.  I think that just about covers it all.


Any fancy getting married by Elvis? I knew he was still alive!

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