Riding off the ferry from Java into Sumatra was like heaven – my clutch tinkering had worked and it felt sooooooo good to be able to accelerate away under power — YIPPEE!!!!!!


My excitement was short lived when a bus rounded the corner at a great rate of knots overtaking a truck on MY SIDE OF THE ROAD!  I slammed on the brakes (thank goodness for ABS), as did the truck (thank goodness) and the bus swerved back into his lane just ahead of the truck, missing me by millimeters.  I could feel the bus scrape down my side….  I really thought this was it – I still don’t really know how it didn’t hit me; had it have done, I would have been dead, no doubt, at our combined speed.  A very sobering moment…..


I went very slowly after that (for a while).


It was a relief to escape the mad traffic of Java. Sumatra still has busy cities, but it was easier to escape into the country which was almost completely full of Palm (for Palm Oil export)


Good roads and no buses – 🙂


The whole island iseems to be covered in palms


Racing towards Medan for the ferry to Malaysia


My front Heidenau Scout K60 was finally finished after 26,000km (new one waiting in Malaysia for me)


Welcome to Medan!

photoCAAS6V7Y (2)

Belawan Port (just outside Medan). The main man customs officer was not there, so his assistant took me out for lunch while we waited. He wouldn’t let me pay either! I wish all custom officers were like that!


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